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As a repeat client, I truly cannot say enough about Amanda's expertise of the market, professional attitude, negotiation strategies, and her especially amazing skill of keeping homeowners from having complete emotional breakdowns.

"Someone ran over the mailboxes and real estate sign last night. I can't find the mailboxes or poles either, so I think they took them, too. Oh never mind! A neighbor found them all the way over by the onramp." "So these homeless people carrying luggage just walked up onto my porch and started talking to me and long story short, they may or may not be showing up to the open house today." These are just a couple of actual text messages that were sent to Amanda when we sold our dream beach house last year. As a seller, some of the most bizarre, unwanted things kept happening and Amanda's brilliant and quick problem solving eliminated the stress. I knew that no matter what problem arose, Amanda was just a phone call away and the problem would be handled. As a military family executing orders, it is a game-changer to have a real estate agent that also has the same experiences with relocation and understands the risks involved when choosing your family's home with no prior knowledge of that area. It's about trust and relieving just a small part of the burden that comes along with moving. She takes care of the details for you, so you can focus on the better parts of moving and buying/selling property.

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